25 Security Storage Tips

At Cob & Co Security Storage we aim to make your storage as safe, secure and hassle free as possible.
When it comes time to move into your storage unit it is important to know the right way to pack your belongings to ensure everything is stored safely and securely.

The better prepared you are for your move into your storage unit the better chance you have of preventing items from being broken or damaged.

Should you require extra packaging don`t worry as we have a large range of high quality and hard wearing packaging products to help you out.

  • Fill containers to capacity or fill extra spaces with packaging materials.
  • Pack heavy items into small boxes, this will make them easier to move.
  • Label every box so that you can find what you need later.
  • Leave space to reach the back of the unit and put frequently used items near the front.
  • Stand sofas and mattresses on end on a plastic sheet.
  • Disassemble beds and tables and put them upside down on the floor.
  • Stack boxes on dressers and use draws to store delicate items.
  • Store light chairs inverted seat to seat.

  • Leave a centre aisle for easy access.
  • Any items like clothing and fabric should have a couple of moth balls packed in with the items to help prevent pests.
  • Pack mirrors, glass and record albums on edge and lots of side padding inside the box and between mirrors.
  • Defrost refrigerators and freezers before storing and leave doors ajar inside the storage unit.
  • Some items can be stored in appliances.
  • Pack books flat and put boxes with books or paper on pallets to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Clothing, curtains and drapes should be cleaned and stored on hangers.

  • For storing and hanging your clothes special PORTA-A-ROBE boxes are available.
  • Dishes and glassware boxes should have a layer of padding top & bottom and each item should be wrapped.
  • Nest bowls and cups and stand plates on end, fill all pockets with padding.
  • Pack lamp shades separately.

  • Don`t use newsprint to pack anything that can be stained by the ink.
  • Metal objects like tools and bikes should be wiped with a rag containing machine oil to prevent rust.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard and put packing paper or newsprint ( will not stain these ) around all of it inside the box.
  • Wrap large lamp bases in padding and pad smaller lamps and pack the box with extra side padding.
  • When locking your unit make sure you put your keys in a safe place.

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