We sell a range of cartons, boxes, locks, packing tapes and wrapping materials to help you pack and store your belongings.

The correct use of packing accessories such as Porta Robes, paper, bubble-wrap and plastic furniture covers will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage.

For full details of what is available and the prices please cotact us.

Helpful Tips

Inspect your storage unit and make a list of the packing accessories which you will need.

Commonly used packing aids include such items as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, rope, drop cloths, polyurethane sheeting, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, skids, and cartons.

Use all the space available, including the height.
Disassemble items such as bed frames and tables.

Place frequently used items near the front of the space.
Fill containers to capacity.
Partially full of bulging cartons may tip or collapse.

Heavy items such as books or tools should be packed in small boxes.
If a carton is too heavy, it will be hard to lift.

Fragile items should be cushioned by packing and placed toward the top of the unit.

Label cartons and take home the list of the labelled cartons for easy reference when you need to locate your property.

Strong Storage Tape (48mm x 75m)
Our tapes have been chosen on specification for their long life expectation of goods being in storage.
The tape and glue stickiness is strong so your boxes stay intact and closed even after extended storage.
To maximise tape stickiness durability do not stretch the tape on application and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.


Cardboard Cartons
We have a range of heavy duty cartons.
They offer more protection for your fragile items such as crockery, glassware, appliances, electronic goods, pillows, blankets, clothing and odd furniture.

Document Storage Boxes
Document storage boxe are designed specifically to hold suspension folders, these boxes are the perfect storage solution for your home/office.

Book and Wine Packing Box
Book & Wine cartons are ideal for packing heavy smaller items such as books, wine, CD's & DVD's.

Port-a-Robe Packing Box
This is a portable wardrobe. With a steel rail to hang your clothes on these are ideal for all your suits, jackets and coats.

Packaging Paper
Packaging Paper is useful for packing crockery, glass and valuables into boxes, or to fill voids in boxes to prevent movement.

Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is an essential packing supply protection for all your valuables. Our bubblewrap has 10mm bubbles and comes in 5m lengths, 500mm wide.

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